This Friday, 7th July and for the third year, 10 students from Budmouth College are coming to run Portland Museum as part of their ‘Outreach’ programme.

They will be totally responsible for the pre-opening cleaning, acting as stewards and welcoming visitors, running the shop (we have stocked up on ice-creams as it is going to be a lovely warm day), closing the museum at the end of the day and leaving it for the volunteers who will run it the following day. Each year they have beaten the previous groups total visitors and there is great expectations that this is going to be a bumper year.

We are also counting the numbers very carefully as the Trust, with its team of volunteer’s will welcome the 50,000th visitor this year who will receive a very special welcome. Come and visit the museum between 10.30am and 3.30pm and the students will show you how you can also visit Church Ope Cove, see the 13th century Rufus Castle and visit the clifftop ruins of St Andrews Church and the “Pirate’s Graveyard”.