Portland Museum Trust launched an appeal in 2016 for donations to replace the thatch on the roof of one of the two 17th century cottages housing Portland Museum in Wakeham, Portland. This was very successful and the work was carried out in November 2016.  A huge thank you to all our donors. A plaque, listing all donors, was unveiled by the Court Leet Reeve on Friday 7th July, 2017.

Progressometer2The Museum, founded in 1930 by pioneering family planning expert, Dr Marie Stopes, needs funding to enable the two sides of the roof of Marie Stopes Cottage to be recoated in new thatch to halt further damage to the building from water leaks and damp, which could threaten the condition of the collection of artefacts if not remedied. Last year, the Trust undertook similar remedial work to part of the thatched roof of Avice’s Cottage using its own funds, but this has depleted reserves and a bill costing double this for the second cottage, would place the Trust’s finances under strain.

Portland Museum Trust is an independent charitable Trust whose income to run the Museum is derived solely from small grants, donations and income from visitors and shop sales. With a part-time Manager, the Museum is run by volunteers and last year welcomed over 5,000 visitors to share the treasure trove of Portland history on display in this uniquely interesting location, whose buildings are as historically important as the objects inside. Maintenance is costly so any significant work to the building structure requires money and community backing. The Museum, fondly regarded as “the treasure on the Island” is a much loved community amenity and popular destination for holidaymakers.

The Trust needs to raise £15,000 to ensure the two roof faces can be repaired later this year to make them watertight and weatherproof for the winter, and is appealing to members of the public, businesses, companies and organisations to help in this fundraising campaign, called “Patch the Thatch”. All visitors’ donations this season will be added to the fund, as will any money raised by the Friends of Portland Museum group.

All donations, small or large, will be welcome. You can make a donation at the Museum, using the special “Patch the Thatch” envelopes, or by card at the till; cheques, payable to Portland Museum Trust can be sent to the Trust Secretary, at Priory House, Old Hill, Portland DT5 1LQ. All donations will be acknowledged and names of donors displayed at the Museum at the end of the Appeal.

All enquiries to: David Carter, Trustee, Portland Museum Trust. 01305 768442 or david.jcarter@tiscali.co.uk